Progress on Ambanja babies - Eggs shipped do hatch


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These are the 11 babies from the Ambanja eggs that were shipped by @Matt Vanilla Gorilla. They are 1 month old and were just transferred to a new nursery. Each one was inspected during the transfer and everyone still looks very healthy. They are eating and pooping constantly!

Trying a new nursery style. Small butterfly enclosure with a structure made of skewers. ALOT of work to make it functional. Fruit flies clung to the sides and top of the enclosure and the babies were able to nab them. I still need to monitor temperature over the next few days.

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Love the habitat idea! They are looking amazing! You are doing a great job with them as always! We have some more eggs from the same parents that were just laid that are just about sold out! It is so exciting to see the joy the hatchlings bring their new owners! Thanks so much for sharing!


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Hey Matt, I just sent you an email. I purchased four eggs from you in September (probably from the same parents, as your comment above states). The eggs are looking great. My incubation temperatures have been on the low end of the range, so it may be a while yet before hatching. Do you know if anyone who bought from that second, fall 2018 clutch, has had hatching yet? Please tag me if there is a thread.
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