US Ambanja Females - These are the Alphas


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Alpha Ambanja females available

We have 2 stunning 6 month old female Ambanja for sale. They were from eggs purchased through Matt Vanilla Gorilla – Nuts Over Chameleons:Mount Shasta Chameleons. The Sire is their famous Tourmaline and the Dame’s Sire is Voss. These girls would be a wonder addition to your breeding program and should be ready to breed in the very near future.

These Ambanja females’ adoption fee is $350 plus the actual cost of shipping.

Contact us though our facebook page at
Each female can be reserved for the first 2 persons putting down a $200 deposit.

Strohl’s Herptiles thanks you for your buisiness!


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  • Tourmaline Sire WC of eggs.jpg
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