Pretty boy ~7 mo


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Could you believe he was raised most of his life in a major chain pet store??

Every store is different. Fortunately the stores nearest to me, where I purchase my crickets/supers, knows and cares about chameleons. It CAN be done! :) We must be the change.


Here he is resting colors/body.


He has just moved into his new environment and seems to be doing wonderfully. A friend of mine (works at this store) took him home. Only he is a picky drinker so far. Eats like a monster.
Wow! I love him!! he is perfect!! :eek:

I would be more then a little surprised to see such a specimen at say, PetStupid or one of the other chain stores.

We dont have any 'Mom n' Pop' exotics pet stores here :(
My veileds from Petco and he wasn't healthy at all. He had MBD :( which was a good 400 all around for the vet but worth every penny! He's very healthy now but looks a but rough.
Wow he looks great, can't believe he came form a chain store!

Olivia - Sorry to hear about your veiled, but he is lucky to have you as his keeper!
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