Potty training your chameleon?


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Chamilla my one year old female veiled chameleon has picked up this awesome habit. When I got her she went to the bathroom any place she wanted. I am a naturalist when it comes to things I'll do with animals. So naturally I would scoop up her feces and urine placing them in the pots of the plants (free fertilizer). I get a spoon pick it up and then kind of till it into the dirt so there is no mold freely exposed to her. She always runs away to the other side of the cage and whatches what I would do. For the past four months she has did nothing but use the pots to go to the bathroom (a few low leaf impacts aside). From my understanding these animals do not have that impressive of smelling capabilities. I have heard in the wild they seem to plant little traps for bugs by deficating, the bugs are attracted to the odor, and they are usaully close enough to catch them. I just wondered if any one else had seen this behavior. I am trying to teach the male this but he seems to threatened by my presence in his terrioty to do anything but threaten me (hiss, flatten out,...etc...).
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