Possible eye infecion/irritation?


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I have two, two month old Chams,
that I have had for about well.. two days.
One male named Sato, One female name Newt.

As of tonight, Sato has been bulging his left eye and rubbing it on almost anything he can.

I'd like to think it isn't anything major as it seems to come && go.
It went on for at least 5 minutes than stopped for now.
we had given them a bath [in the sink] not too long ago so I think it could be the water.

I can provide pictures of the Tank
&& when he decides to get weird again I will film && take a photo.

Also the boy seems to be striking the female with his tongue.
They don't hiss or turn colors before hand, the boy is the only one striking.
I'm questioning if this is fighting or playing?

Thanks for the help/concerns.


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Welcome to the forums and congrats on your new chams. What kind of chameleons do you have? Do you have them in seperate enclosures? Please fill out the form below so we'll know how you are keeping them. It could be their lighting. Pictures of your chams and the enclosures are very helpful, too.

How to ask for help


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Pictures are helpful


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It may be play at present, but it will become a serious territorial dispute before long.
Chams are generally not housed together beyond a few months old as they are solitary beasties , normally only getting together to breed.
You will need to organise a second enclosure later.

Eye rubbing can be normal behaviour intended to dislodge unshed skin/eye cleaning etc but it does occure if the eye is scratched or they get debris in the eye, its difficult to guess. AS you describe 'bulging' it leads me to beleive its normal behaviour.
Ensure humidity and give light mistings from time to time. :)


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - male veiled chameleon, two months old, been in my care for two days
Handling - i try to take them out for 15 minutes of play time every few hours
Feeding - 2 crickets in the morning and 1 at night. greens will soon be worked into diet
Supplements - crickets dusted in exo terra's multi vitamin supplement
Watering - running water fall and misting bottle
Fecal Description - normal
History - only had two days

Cage Info:
Cage Type - screen cage 18x18x18
Lighting - 7am to 10:30pm day light on, 10:30 to 7am heat pad and night time lights go on
Temperature - termomitor reads around 75 during day and 73 at night
Humidity - is around 80 by hydrometer, i mist, have a running waterfall and their cage is lined with real moss so i water it everyday to keep wet
Plants - none
Placement - nope, cornor of the room out of traffic, on a 18 inch tall table
Location - philadelphia northeast america

Current Problem - eye irritation
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