Poop or prolapsed hemipene?

I’ve noticed yesterday that my chameleon has this sticking out of his butt. I thought it was poop at first so I have been spraying his butt to help him shift it, but after reading other posts on the forum I am worried it is a prolapsed hemipene (as he is in heat atm/humping everything). I keep spraying him to help him, I have tried to put his lower half in a bowl of Luke warm to soak... however he will not stay still and will put his feet on either side of the bowl when I’m lowering him down lol. If it is not sorted by tomorrow, a vet visit is necessary. But what does it look like it could be and what can I do?


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Update: he’s just pooped, it looked fairly normal. But his butt is still poking out. My vet is closed until Tuesday, I can’t even phone until then :/
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