Please help me find some parsonii

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I know how rare and hard they are to come by but if anyone here knows where I can find a pair or even a trio of paronii, I would be very grateful. I do know that Kammerflage has some babies but I am looking for other, non related specimens as well.
I do have experience with this species :D
Thank you all very much.
Sean, there are only a few options for getting parsonii.

1- Wait till they pop up in the classifieds for $2500 ea. with no quantity discounts.
2- Go to germany and buy them at their expo.
3- become brothers with someone who owns them.

Good luck, but at the moment, your only looking at option one at the moment. I doubt anyone on this particular forum can help you. In addition to this, from what I understand, MOST people that breed parsonii, will ONLY sell to people who have either proven their experience worothy for them, or have owned or already have parsonii. SO, if you have one from the Kammers, chances are you will be able to get your foot in the door into the 'eliet' parsonii keepers group and obtain another easier (Though still not easily).

But, as I have never even SEEN a parsonii in person (all died before I could go see them!), I'm talking out of my ass here. $0.02.
Thanks Will. I agree that obtaining one, let alone a pair or trio, may prove quite difficult and costly, but I'm willing to do what it takes.
Actually, I do have quite extensive experience with parsonii (and many other species) back in the pioneering days of the late 80s and early 90's.
I kept a breeding trio of parsonii for almost 5 years back in the early 90's. I was in regular contact via phone with Ken and Ardi of the CIN back then. My trio is/was registered with the CIN's parsonii index. In fact, I was one of the first in this country to actually hatch parsonii eggs. In late '95 I had two babies hatch from one of 4 clutches of eggs. (Both females produced eggs for me once a year!) My male was a stud!:D Unfortunately, the two babies only live a few hours and the remaining 42 eggs all had full term embryos that did not hatch.:( I told Ardi and Ken of my success/failure, but noone else at the time.
I was devasted by this and after many years of trying to get a successful hatch, finally decided to get out of the hobby. This was also the time my first child was born and the chameleon room had become our 'nursery'. It seemed like the right time to move on.
I sold the male and one female to a great guy down South. I'll keep his name private for the time being, but I was 100% certain of his devotion to the species and that he would provide the best care for them.
The other female went to another breeding colony in California but I lost track of her. I understand that my pair that went South, continued to breed for him and he was able to get a few successful clutches. I believe it was '97-'98, that he was able to hatch several babies. In fact, I do believe that many of the older cbb parsonii in this country to date may be from my pair. I lost touch with this gentleman many years ago though and I don't know what has transpired since then. Chris Anderson has told me he knows the man I sold them to and that he may still be in the hobby. I sure hope so and I've asked Chris to pass on my contact info.
My success with parsonii was considered "not bad" for a young grad school student that lived in Kansas of all places! Ardi and Ken were quite surpised by my long term success being that I had to move my chameleons in and out frequently thoughout the year due to cold winters and hot summers.
I have regretted selling this trio of parsonii since the very moment I put them in the box for shipping all those years ago. Its just now that I finally have the resources and devotion to start with them again.
I've gotten bored with my reef aquaria and have decided to go back to what I loved so long ago.
Feels like I'm coming home again :D ;) getting back into this hobby.
I've kept this part of my past kind of quiet around here since I'm new and unfamiliar to everyone.
However, for the purpose of this post, I wanted people that read this request for help to be aware that I am very capable of keeping parsonii and that I will spare no expense, both financially and devotionally, to these beauties. In fact, if I can indeed find a pair or trio, I will phase out ALL other hobbies and/or chameleons to focus only on them.
I sure hope I can find them, be able to afford them :rolleyes: , and can take off from where I left all those years ago.

Sorry for the novel ;)
Oh, I have dug up many old photographs of my parsonii trio. I'll try to scan them (yes, they are on 'film paper' of all things :rolleyes: ) and post them sometime soon.
Hi, I usally browse kingsnake and not too long ago I say that Pams Chams had a female parsonii available, not sure if they still do.
Calumma parsonii parsonii for sale

For sale is a pair of CBB Calumma parsonii parsonii,from the Underground Reptile's clutch,that sold several months ago.These are the yellow eyed parsonii and in my opinion,the most attractive.I have for sale what appears to be a 1.1 pair,with one being certainly male.

Buyers will be screened and I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone. I accept cashiers checks or money orders.

There is a live arrival gaurentee if temps are above 40F in your area. Shipping will be done, when temperatures are favorable at both locations.

Sold as a pair only for $5,600 plus shipping.Price is firm.
Photos available upon request.I can be reached at [email protected]

Posted by Andrew Norris
March 04, 2007 at 05:57:03
Thanks Will. I saw that ad and responded first thing this morning. I am waiting to hear back from him.
I'm also very seriously considering taking a short trip over to Hamm. I've been in correspondance with a German breeder for many weeks now and have been invited to visit the show with him and pick my own parsonii.
We'll see.
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