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how soon can i change the plants in my cage i bought a Schefflera and was wondering when i can make the change i have had my cham for 4 days now is this to soon or is it ok i would like to change because the Schefflera is so much better than the ficus i am using now.

I don't think you'll have any long term issues with moving your chameleon out for the quick plant change at this stage. If there is room to have both plants in his enclosure then just go ahead and add the Schefflera. Some of my enclosures have up to 3 large plants inside.
With the bigger chameleons I have only really had one problems with the schefferella and that is broken branches. My female veiled can run around on her's all day and not effect it. My male is big and bulky easily breaking branches. To keep this from happening suppling branches inside the plant helps. Schefferellas are usuallly sold with multiple trunks that come out of the soil. Attaching branches to each trunk at various heights in differing ways will help to keep them off the little branches.

As far as the change itself your chameleon will should be okay. It could range from a couple minutes to a whole day before they get use to it. Probably pretty quick though. Most will seize the opprotunity to climb on a new plant.
If there is room to have both plants in his enclosure

no the cage would be way to crowded

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