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What is the minimum size tank you would recommend for 2 or 3 pigmy's? I'm starting to save up for some. I have about 6 months until I can by pigmys' but I would like to use that time to situate the enclosure.
A 15 or 20 gallon tank will be fine. Try to go with a tall in whatever you choose. Those cool little Exoterra enclosures would work great in a size large or xlarge for a pair or trio, too. If you decide to go with the medium, probably no more than a pair in it.

Glasscages.com has some really nice products, and they deliver all over the country. You might want to check them out for an inexpensive tank or two. They have hinge front aquariums, too.

I have a pretty good mix of tank sizes in my collection and I would say that the 15G is my least favorite; it’s hard to get my hands in there and work with it (looking for eggs, rearranging a few things, replace a plant). That and it sits on a top shelf and b/c of it (tank) being a bit tall it’s tough to get good airflow into it which is very important. I solved that problem with an oscillating clip fan off to the side but I still think its cumbersome to work with and a pinch too small for a trio. I suggest either a 20G (tall) or a 29G (my fav) for a trio. I like the front opening enclosures from glasscages.com but wonder about how well a cricket/feeder can squirm its way past that front opening door.

No drain, I use two drainage layers under the substrate. At the bottom is hydroton and on top of that separated with plastic window screen is activated charcoal. Finally another piece of screen and then the top substrate/leaf litter. A bit of water makes it all the way to the bottom but not much and usually only after I water a plant.

This pretty much covers how I build my tanks: http://www.chameleonnews.com/stumphabitat.html

Wow, that is a very nice article… I have a 40gal salt water aquarium that I have down stairs that only has snails and crabs running about it. I think it would be a good candidate to be turned into a terrarium. I would not have to make sure the water is correct, this that, this and that… It is really nice, but a PITA overall to have fish the hide all the time and have nothing but rocks in it. :p With a terrarium I can at least get creative with it and have some cool plants inside and maybe a few chameleons poke’n around inside. Hmmm I like this idea! :) Anybody wana buy some nice fish filters?
Well I encourage you and other to do the same. Brevs are not too bad to take care of if you have bigger cham experience under your belt. If most keepers had a small group of brevs we could keep each other going with new blood and forget the WC’s that will eventually become scarce or non existent. I personally haven’t purchased a WC brev in over a year and the male that got the job done with my F2 group was from Heika.

The terrariums ARE amazing and as you said you can be very creative with them – they are at least half the fun with keeping pygmies. I plan on doing some new things with 50g this fall.

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