Pigmen can't catch anything :(


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so my male veiled cham, about 3 years old, isnt catching anything with his tongue! he goes for all the crickets i put in there, but its like his tongue isnt sticky anymore! his tongue just hits the crickets and knocks them over... is he dehydrated?? is he sick or something?
he doesnt drink from a dripper, so i have had to give him water by hand for the past several months through a syringe.. how often should i give him water? i feel like im not doing it enough.. i give him water maybe once a week..
Do you mist him at all?

when a tongue isn't sticky, it could be from dehydration, it can also be from lack of supplementation.

What supplements do you use?
Maybe, if they dont get enough to drink, their tongue wont work well.

For my stuborn drinkers, I keep a transfer plastic pipett filled with water near their cage, when they are chomping on a crick, or whateven I squirt a little water in their mouth. :p

BTW, where in MD do u live?
I am in College Park
i use two Zilla products, calcium supplement about twice weekly and vitamin supplement with beta carotene about once weekly.. i dont have an actual mister, so i've been hand spraying his cage about 2 or 3 times daily.
That's part of your issue.

You aren't supplementing properly, and you aren't watering him enough.

You need to mist at least 5 times daily, since hes having some issues.

YOu also need a calcium with no d3 for every feeding, a calcium with d3 twice amonth, and a multivitamin twice a month.

Or you need to purchase repashy all in one calcium plus, to be used on every feeding.
You should spray at least 3times a day. I spray 5 times a day, but my friend who is a breeder and has been doing this for 10 years, mists 3 times a day. So you should spray them at least 3times a day unless ur humidify is real low. If you have humidity issues you'll have to spray more often or get a humidifier. Hope that helps
Go for the three separate supplement routine or if you go for calcium plus use it about twice a week with pure calcium all other days. Do no use each feeding like it says to. There has been too many problems caused by it being used daily.
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