My panther chameleons head is swelling up and sqishy


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My chameleons eye has been getting smaller, sunken in,and dry, took him to Greeks and associates veterinary hospital they said it was an eye infection I got him eye drops , saline solution ,antibiotic mouth drops, and eye ointment, it's been 2 weeks of treatment and now my chameleons head is starting to swell up I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I'm really worried . He's a panther chameleon, 11 months old , I try to keep his temp between 72 and 85 and his humidity goes from 50 to 90 depending on our weather in Los Angeles. I dust his crickets and his meal worm and wax worms with repti calcium without d3 every day and once a month dust em with sticky tongue farms calcium/mineral supplement with d3


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I see a few things I would change with the enclosure, it looks way to small (dimensions ?) 24x24x48 is a minimum size. add a lot more foliage towards the top. How much and often are you feeding him ?
Another vet visit might be needed. Here's one of mine just to give you some ideas on how much foliage they need.


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Welcome to the forum…and happy birthday in a couple of days!

You said you are using minerall…I don’t think it contains vitamins. You should be using a vitamin powder with prEfromed vitamin A and D3 twice a month lightly in addition to a phos free calcium powder on the other feedings/days. It could be part of the problem.
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