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Heres pics of my new terrarium setup. going to get a few brevs for it tell me what you guys think. Is the ivy ok? Thank you for any feedback.
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Is that a waterfall in there? If so, I don't think it would be good for brevs or any chameleon. How many brevs do you guys think he could fit in there? I'm gonna put my tank together soon. Does that size look good for 3?
I think 1.2 brevs would be OK in there, if there were more plants; what are the dimensions?

Yeah, you don't want the waterfall, for many reasons. In its place you could put some more plants; I'd get a lot more twigs and sticks for them to climb on; and I'm not real sure about the substrate. What is it? I'm afraid they could get some in their mouths when zapping a cricket (I speak from experience!:D) and maybe become impacted. I'd remove the top layer and replace it with long-fibered sphagnum (which they will still get in their mouth--but they can eventually get it out!), or safe soil (no perlite). Garden moss can be put on top of the soil, just for looks; it holds humidity pretty well, too, but my crickets always seem to get under it somehow. It's a good start, though!
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The tank is an 18X18X24. so why is everyone so against the waterfall.their is no standing water in it the only water is what runs down.the tank seams to hold in the humidity very well is has stayed in the mid 70% range and only misted it once in the last 3 days dose help that i am in Santa barbara CA though. now is the foggy season. What is the best thing to use for the little chameleons to climb on that is natural? thank you eveyone for the feedback so far. Matthew
I would definitely change out your substrate to a dirt based one. Bark has poor water absorbtion quality, which will mean your substrate will either be flooded or pretty dry. It is also make for a very poor nesting site, as it would be very diffucult for the brevi to dig in the bark and construct a nest. Your plants, which I also recommend you add a lot more of, are going to have difficulty growing/rooting in the bark.

Just some Thoughts,
here is a good site to help you tweak out your cage. http://chameleonnews.com/stumphabitat.html

Even though the water in the waterfall is running, it can still be a breeding ground for bacteria. Waterfalls are a great way to get your chameleon sick. Chameleons often poop in them on purpose and feeders drown in them. On top of that, the water re-circulates back into the resevore.
thank you for the info on the waterfall. didnt really think about the sickness side to it. i have read the article witch you refer to it was a while ago thought it said orchid bark not cocanut fiber. so i will take out the water fall, get more plants and change the bark out. and sticks for them to climb on.
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