Pic's of yourself with your cham

I think I've posted some but Jager is a newer arrival. He suffered a burn before I got him and is missing some spikes but is otherwise in great health - eats great and is fiesty and handsome.

He quickly become one of my favorites!



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Wow, your chams are beautiful! I have a female (attractive) and a new adult male. When the lady at the pet store said he was in and I could come get him, she said "he's beautiful too!". I was shocked when I got there and saw him, "he's the ugliest male I've ever seen!!!" I'm hoping with improved nutrition and also a vet visit he will get more attractive. Right now he looks like a cross between a chameleon and a big brown spider (very long skinny legs). He's usuallly brown, with dark brown makings and olive green mixed in the markings (stripes). Looks very odd especailly compared to my plump, lime-green female. Has anyone else seen a male cham that looks like mine (my description)?


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It is amazing to me how big some of the veiled chams are, esp the males. I have a adult male of unknown age, so I don't know how big he will get (once I get him healthy).


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I happen to have some "cham on my head" pictures as well...

Here is me with Anna on my head.. and Jason with Little clown on his head.

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