pics of my cham

The Chunk

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hello here is a couple of pics of chunk my 5 month nosey be. i not sure if hes a cross. hes chin and belly go white with red dots and sometimes blue

just seeing if you think hes ok

mr chunk.JPG


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HE looks good to me! :) Full eyes, no ribs showing... :) Hes a really pretty one although sucks that the flash drains so much of the colors out.:rolleyes:

The Chunk

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yehh i like him seems freindly been eating since day one

yehh does seem to drain some of the colour. he has yellow lips and face has lots of colour blues yellow green orange

just hope hes drinking ok. heres another one of him in the flex



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He's beautiful, and looks pretty nosy to me. My nosy and others that have more wild genes can and do have a lot of red flecking, especially around the eyes. He might not be one of those "true blue" solid blue nosys but I don't think he's a cross.

(Edit) Look at all these beautiful nosys with red, for example:
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