Pi is shy


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I've seen a few posts on 'what it means' when a chameleon curls its tail. Everything from keeping balance to looking intimidating or being scared.

For the most part Pi is pretty chill, she does her hunting when she's hungry, her basking most of the day, and her sleeping at night. What I have noticed is whenever someone comes into my room (where her home is) that isn't me, her tail curls and she scurries into her leaves.

My thought behind this was normally when someone comes in my room, they make more noise than what she's used to, considering I'm wheelchair bound for the most part, and don't make much noise walking and all.

Is she anti-social, scared of them, or scared of the noise?
I have the exact same problem. I've only had Ziggie 4 days though... so maybe he's still settling. No idea...
Hi. c: I think I agree that she's probably just shy and needs to get used to the traffic. Did you just get her? Maybe she's a little intimidated by anyone besides you since they appear differently than you, although I'm not sure how chameleons identify humans...but that could be possible. I also think the noise doesn't effect her much since chameleons focus more on vibrations than noises, unless your guests are stomping around, lol. :b My chameleon sleeps through loud noises when they happen by mistake. He has been with me for a few weeks now and he's still a little skittish and shy.
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