Photos of My Birthday Kids


Chameleon Enthusiast
My Amos and Fiona babies are one year old now. Time such flies. It seems like I just had babies.

Up first is my beautiful little girl Lola. She was one on December 20th and she weighs 97 grams. Lola had to have eggs removed and was spayed 4 weeks ago and so far she doing wonderful. She gets her stitches taken out on Thursday. You can see the stitches in two of the photos.

Next is Hammy, my little love. Hammy was one year old on December 23rd. He weighs 168 grams and such a friendly little man.



Chameleon Enthusiast
What you are seeing is the result of deep caring and commitment to her chameleons. These chameleons are the great-great-grandkids of her original pairing of Louie and Camille. Just knowing that you can trace multiple generations of veiled back shows how much she loves her animals. This is their brother, Turk. IMG_0253.JPG IMG_0257.JPG
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