Panther X Veiled Crosses Hatching NOW!!!


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April Fools! :D

I did not see that anyone else did this today-but if they did-it was a great idea!;)
Happy April 1st! Psst, wanna buy some jacksons eggs? Goin cheap...:D

Ikea's Play for the day...


IKEA created the "Hundstol" doggy high chair as an April Fool's prank on March 30, 2011 in Sydney, Australia. According to Getty Images. Australian media were duped, with the story running on television, in print and online on April 1, 2011, and consumers placed calls to IKEA inquiring about the product's availability. IKEA went to great lengths to pull off the hoax - creating a prototype and placing in print and online.
Haha. I was super excited, but by the time the page loaded I realized. Panther -veiled.....I should have known better
Hahaha I thought something was up. But then I was curious to see if it were real :eek:... Even though I know it is impossible


Good job! One of two people to get me this year!
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