Outdoor misting system


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Hello everyone! We made a couple new outdoor enclosures and had a question about misting. I am thinking about using this http://www.orbitonline.com/products/Kits/04/04/10/

Has anyone used it before?

After summer is over and we bring the chams back inside, can I use this same tubing to hook up with my mistking?


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I bought one of their smaller "portable" kits from Home Depot and used it to make a misting system for my first DIY cage. The one I bought used the same 1/4" tubing that the Mistking setup uses so I was able to use everything I had once I purchased a Mistking setup from the Sacramento Reptile Show and tie it right in. The Orbit misters worked VERY well once they were hooked up to the Mistking pump too lol. If you get one of the bigger Orbit kits you'll likely need an adapter to make it work though since they run 3/8" or 1/2" depending on the kit and the Mistking that I have uses a 1/4" pump and tubing. Not a big deal though you can pick up a barbed reducer at a Home Depot or Lowes for a dollar or two.
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