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So lately my female has been roaming the grounds trying to lay her eggs.. the holes kept collapsing and she would just make a new one. since my local stores didnt have any sculpting sand or coconut bark, i had to make my own recipe of soil for her to lay in. after the first few holes held together, i was sure that she would lay.. but later that day when i got home, she was dog tired and fell asleep at the bottom of the cage, with her clutch still inside of her. after 3 more days, she still didnt lay, and i began to get worried. just last night she was digging a hole.. and i saw it collapse and her narrowly make it out on time. i practically gave up on ideas, and i think she did too. so time passed on and i went to sleep. but when i woke up this morning to check on her, i couldnt find her anywhere..

to get to the punchline, she was sleeping in a hole she made, with her freshly laid clutch of 29 eggs behind her.

ive already taken the eggs out extremely carefully and placed them half way in some vermiculite for the time being.

anything else i should know/do about the eggs?

Assuming they are veileds...I incubate them at about 78F. I know that others use different temperatures, but I have 100% hatch rate and about a 95% survival rate so I don't change anything.

The containers I use are about shoe box size. I punch two very small holes in the lid and fill the containers about half full of barely moist vermiculite and place the eggs in rows about 1" apart in all directions in dents. I put the lid back on and incubate them on the homemade incubator I have.

My incubator consists of a human heating pad with a 2"x2" frame that fits over the heating pad. I screened the frame so that the containers could sit on top. I can adjust the temperature (ahead of time) to the right temp. by adjusting the setting on the heating pad and raising the frame on shims until I get it right.

Good luck with your eggs!
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