Officially Switching To Discoids!


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So... today is the DAY! I’m indefinitely fed up with crickets. The smell. I can’t stand it anymore lol but, also with discoids they offer more nutritional value and protein. I’m ordering my discoids from Joes Bugz I’m gonna get the medium/small ones. :D


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Lol thanks! I’m a bit scared .... roaches have been a fear for me lol I’m gonna overcome this fear once and for all no more frightened face with a shoe in my hand trying to smack one off the wall XD
Dont be scared...they dont smell ...dont bite...dont some YouTube video and get used to their look...worst comes can flip them upside down like @JacksJill said


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Look up Donna's discoids on fb. She's up in Ocala area I think. She doesn't ship but not to far up 75 from you.
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