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so I don't know what is with my veiled chameleon but he for some reason loves the heat at really high temps, I just checked his basking spot in his cage and its at 107F, at first I tried to lower it because its on one of those heat lamps that has the dimmer switch to control heat but when ever I lower the heat he ends up sitting there all day dark and flattened like a pancake trying to warm up, I know its odd but what should I make of this ?
what are you measuring your temps with? Are you positive the temp reading is accurate??? What are you using for the basking bulb? What wattage?
I got a digital temp reader it works correctly im sure of that, its a 150 day glo basking bulb, I've tried 100 watt ones but he just doesn't like it, he looks cold dark and try's to warm up for way to long periods, then once I put the 150 watt one back in he's happy warms up a bit and is active all day moving around
ambient temp in your house? whats the rest of the cage like?

If he seems healthy w/ the higher temps then stick with it, they are from the middle east after all
if he likes it, he likes it. as long as hes not showing signs of dehydration or burns i'd think it's ok.

the only thing I could think of is if maybe you have a fan or vent close by that is blowing near the bottom of the cage
well He is in the basement of my house, so its a bit colder and more humid then the rest of my house and the entire cage is mesh so yeah, but he doesn't show burns and I have water dripping 12 hours a day so I think he justs a odd ball
Basement temperature fluctuations are way different than the house it self as in the humidity kinda helps and hurts it can keep him warm and then some it can also make the cold really cold. Also if there is no air flow the hot air will linger which is good for heat but not good for respiratory i would take him out of basement. Put him some were that is ideal for him keep at room temp some were with a 100 watt basking spot should do fine
If there are any direct drafts of cool air it could cause this. What is the temp at the bottom of the cage? The middle? The issue is more likely a steep temp gradient and the 100 watt doesn't warm the enclosure enough in general.

If it was me I would cover 3 sides and experiment with a more appropriate basking temp and with the covered sides the ambient inside the enclosure will be warmer.

Don't worry too much about air flow in the basement, the heat generated from the heat lamp will create air flow, as the air warms it will rise. As long as it isn't a dank musty basement with mold on the walls, which I assume it is not.

It isn't likely your Chameleon is just weird and likes to bask 15 degrees hotter than every other veiled, there is likely a problem.
well I have a very nice basement, its fully developed and everything, I have a fan I sometimes put on, the cage is like 6 feet and 4 feet wide, the temps from the middle downward are a even 75 always, im thinking that the heat has issues staying into the cage due to the issue of a all mesh cage, but moving upstairs isn't a option at this point I have 4 brothers that live upstairs and no open rooms to put the cage without making it a high traffic area
I dont know about an issue, or not. Like previously stated they are from Yemen and that is a real desert environment where temps can consistantly reach over a hundred degrees. Actually, the summer days will rarely drop below hundred. I know when I was stationed In the middle east it was rare that the temp drop below 110 in the summer, it was actually easily 118 or 120 at times. You would probably have to consider the thermometers I was going off of where ones hanging on the wall that could have b3en there for no telling how long, but I sure they couldnt have been to far off because they all read about the same. I believe the reason people keep their basking sites at the temps we know is because one: it gets the job done and keeps them healthy. Two: It is safer because it is a little sketchy trying to get those high temps without burning your cham.So I believe we settle on these temps since they do in fact do a good job, but I dont feel like it is anything out of the ordinary for veileds to experience these higher temps. I know that at times the temps in my house change and I will find the basking site will be at 105 and my guy is just hangingout basking and doing just fine. I think he is just fine but it might be a good idea to monitor him as much as possible so he doesnt burn, or maybe lower it a tad just to be safe, but I thi nk he is perfectly fine and nothing to worry about!
thanks man that was a perfect response, how do u spot a burn on a chameleon what would it look like ? I don't see anything different on his skin it all looks healthy but just for future reference what would it look like ?
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