Number of species bred?

Number of species bred?

  • zero

    Votes: 177 58.4%
  • one - two

    Votes: 77 25.4%
  • three - four

    Votes: 27 8.9%
  • five - ten

    Votes: 9 3.0%
  • ten plus

    Votes: 13 4.3%

  • Total voters


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jacksonii, rudis, brevicaudatus, b. superciliaris, quadricornis, accuminatus, lateralis. have to say, not always that good results. The superciliaris and quadricornis were both one hatchling and did not survive after a month or so.

calyp, pardalis, montium, Fisherii fisherii, multituberculatum, tavetanum, rudis, jack jack, xants, verrus, minor, lateralis

Others: grandis, cepediana, ornata, williamsii

Around 80 Testudo Hermanii

up next: 1 homo sapiens :D


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I ve been a chameleon keeper for 13 years and i started breeding chams about 8 years ago with a pair of Chamaeleo Calyptratus.Today i am keeping and breeding some Trioceros Quadricornis Gracilior,Trioceros Deremensis,Furcifer Pardalis(red bar ambilobe) and some very rare Bradypodion Thamnobates,i also have a pair of Trioceros Melleris,its my first experience with this specie and right now they are a little over a year and a half old,close to sexual maturity and i will try to breed them soon.In the past i have had success with Chamaeleo Calyptratus,Rieppeleon Brevicaudatus and furcifer lateralis.I have tried with a few more species with no success,so in total i ve had success with 7 species.
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