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After all the fussing I do over my chams, I come home to a sick frog. My poor frog McFly has something wrong, maybe a bite that got infected or something. It looks really bad. The frog forum people helped me get him stable for the night, but I am waiting to hear from the vet and will then have to wait for meds to come as we dont have a good frog vet in our area. This vet helps people on the frog forum and should be getting back with me tomorrow. I'm worried and hope he can pull through. Its so horrible when our pets get sick.
I am sorry, I know the kind of care you give your animals, so hopefully the frog is strong and will pull through. I will pray for you.
Thank you. I am treating with neosporin for now and put him in a quarantine tank. He is not happy with me at the moment, but its for the best. He did eat and is very active so I am hoping he will be fine. It just looks so bad that I am worried.

Its funny because I spent so much time and money on this fully planted viv and the frog forum people are the same as cham forum people, they preach no substrate for the tree frogs. I am hoping that my attempt and a cool looking viv didn't lead to his infection or whatever this is.
I enjoy seeing pictures of McFly on FB, he doesnt look that great at the moment :( I hope he is better soon though.
Grrrrrr, paid for meds to arrive overnight and they didn't arrive today. I took the day off to wait for them because I wanted to get them right away and start treating my poor McFly. The vet says he will look in to it tomorrow. I am so bummed.
I am so sorry to hear your frog is sick, I love frogs and thought about getting a couple myself, but right now Steve says we don't need any more pets, it seems we are feeding the entire families of animals around our house as it of luck with your frog.
Thank you for your concern everyone. I am happy to say that the frog forum people were great and really helped McFly. I got meds from the vet and he is looking much better. Here are pictures of the progression. It started out really bad and I was really worried. Hopefully he can move back in with Biff in their viv soon.



Wow, looks like he's definitely on the road to recovery!!! Good job caring for him!!
Whites Tree Frog??? We have a Red Eyed, neat little guys!
He is improving more slowly now. Here is how he looked on the 16th. Today was his 14th day of prescription meds and I let him move back in with Biff. He seems happier in his home than in the quarantine tub. I did change their viv a lot though. took out the false bottom, all soil and put the plant in pots. I put fleece cloth on the bottom and also added magnet pots to the sides of the tank. It actually looks really good. I will post a pic when I am all the way done with it tomorrow.

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