I know that it is normal for a Veiled to eat vegetation but Rebel seems to really like his hibiscus plant. I see several leaves with chameleon shaped bites taken out of them. Is he lacking something? I am unable to spray until afternoon because I leave for work at 6:10am and it is still dark. I do fill a 1/2 gal dripper with ice which is just running out when I get home from work and feed and mist him. I am planning on getting a mistking/aquazamp this summer when I build Rebel his big boy cage. I know that he is getting plenty of water because his eyes are not sunken in and his poop looks great. brown/black and bright white. He is very active but retires to his sleeping spot 1-2 hours before bedtime. His lights are on a timer 7am-8pm. Should I change his timer to 6am-7pm and mist before I leave for the day? Should I let the dripper finish even after lights out?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

I think it's pretty normal, though I wouldn't know for veiled as I have a panther. But hibiscus seem like they would be a pretty well loved plant by veileds. They are nontoxic and the flowers are nice and soft. It could just be he really likes the taste, though you should probably wait for more experienced answers ^^
So do my hermit crabs XD I dehydrate it for them XD and the roaches do too ^^
It is completely normal :) especially hibiscus flowers seem to particularly attract some of them. Veileds have been known to enjoy quite a variety of leafy greens and fruit as well :) My veiled loves to munch a piece of mango, strawberry or an occasional blueberry. Others prefer kale or lettuce leaves :) some though choose to stick to an exclusively insect based diet ;)

To sum it up - it is nothing to worry about :) they are quite remarkable creatures, aren't they? I've had mine for almost three years now, but he still manages to amaze me once in a while :)
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