Any kind of squeaky noise that is caused by their breathing should be investigated. There may be an upper respiratory infection (URI). Please provide us with more info on your chameleon and setup: [THREAD=66]some suggestions[/THREAD]. Until then, make sure your temperatures are correct. One of the contributing causes of URI are low temps. Some other symptoms would be labored breathing, an expanded chest, gaping, string or bubble mucus in the mouth, ...
Cage Type - entirely screened enclosure
Lighting - I have a basking light and a UVB light aswell they are turned on for 10-12 hours a day
Temperature - during the day his temp is usually 89-97 during the day and 76-80 at night
Humidity - his humidity is around 68%

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male, 3 months
Feeding - Im feeding him crickets and i gutload them with a gel and dog food sor vitaman A
Supplements - Im dusting my chameleons with rep-cal for calcium and another duster for vitaman A
Watering - I spray his cage 3 times a day
History - I was just recently treating his eye infection
Current Problem-He seems to be making squeeky noises.....
I don't see anything specific that might lead to URI. Does he have any other symptoms? Is he otherwise drinking, eating, and behaving well? Is he always under the basking light? I do recall other people mentioning that baby chams can make a squeaking sound when trying to hiss, but you stated that it is happening at night (I assume while he is sleeping).
He hasnt been under the basking light much he stays on the screen most of the time.

the crickets in his cup are dissapearing so im assuming he is eating.

I spray his cage and he is not showing any darker colors.
He stays a light green
If it is not a respiratory infection, then I am not sure what would be causing the squeaking noise. Here is a [THREAD=364]link to the thread[/THREAD] mentioned above. Does it sound anything like that?
You mention he is three months old and that he is frequently on the screen sides of your cage. What size cage are you using? How long has this behavior been occurring? Is it possible he is bewildered by the cage size, and not getting to his basking area as frequently as needed? I'm going in circles back to URI, mainly because I don't know what else would be causing this noise. Anyone else have any ideas?
the dimensions are 18" by 12" by 10" hes only been making these noises for about twwo days now i havent heard him so far today but im still observing to see how he is....

Earlier today i misted him with warm water and he came down to the leaves to drink and he stayed drinking for about 10 min. maybe he was just dehydrated...

Ill keep you posted.

any moreinfo would help a lot.:eek:
Cage size seems fine. Just to make sure, what is the daytime temperature on the lowest branch and what is the temp at the basking spot? Good to hear he was drinking well today.
Does he gape his mouth when he squeeks, or are they more like quick 'puffs' and 'gasps' though the nostrils? I know when some chameleons shed, they gain a buildup of salts along the nostrils, and use a 'puffing' method to expel excess salt.

But...if you say it's more of a squeeling sound, I have heard of a few other cases of chameleons making abnormal noises...strange...

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