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I just wanted to say hi and let y'all know how huge this forum was for me doing my research before getting a cham... I did miss a few things in my research that I'm now trying to explore more for the answers to questions that have already been asked etc...

Anyway, I have a female veiled chameleon named Mojito now... I think she's about 3 months old... I love her to death! (Later I'll go on my rant about some pet stores needing to be better informed...)

So yes I understand that a chameleon isn't the best first reptile for a newbie, but I know she's in for a long healthy life... :) :)

I'm refreshing my brain on the egglaying bin. I don't think she needs it yet but I want to be prepared for when she does. (I knew about this yet I still wanted a female... I dunno why tbh)

She's really doing awesome. (Although I did discover she doesn't like me when she's shedding... lol)
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