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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Angelphish, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    As the title states, I'm considering the reptile hobby.

    I currently own 4 aquariums, ranging from 4 to 210 gallons, all of which require daily care, and about 3-4 hours of work each weekend. I understand these aren't the best beginner lizards, but I plan to devote myself to the work that comes with owning a Chameleon, just like how I did with my aquariums.

    What should I know before owning one? I understand they're tree dwelling lizards, and they prefer a humid, screen habitat. That's about the extent of my knowledge.

    These were the materials I was planning to get. Is there anything else I need? Is this a good kit for a male Veiled Chameleon?

    Habitat kit:

    Fogger: :


    I'm leaning towards the baby panthers because they're much more colorful and only $30 more, but I'm having trouble deciding which to get. Both look good.
  2. ali9021

    ali9021 Member

    This site has a lot of resources on owning and caring for a chameleon. I started my reptile hobby with a Veiiled although chams are considered an advanced reptile regarding care. I don't think you should have any problem if you do enough research and be prepared before the animal gets to your house. I ordered a little male Jackson's from LLL Reptile and he is perfect. Welcome and there are many knowledgeable members on this site to help you when you have questions
  3. Chamaniac

    Chamaniac Member

    Welcome to the forums! My son and I are also new to chameleons. After reading through many posts and gathering advice, we came to the conclusion that the kits include a lot of items that will probably collect dust. Also, be mindful that if you are going with a Panther, that cage will not be large enough when it becomes an adult. Happy reptiling!
  4. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    I'm having trouble finding anything larger than a 2 x 2 x 4. Where would I get a bigger one?
  5. Chamaniac

    Chamaniac Member

    Perhaps the link was bad. You are correct that 2 x 2 x 4 is the largest size, the amazon link directed me to a kit that is 30 x 16 x 16. Sorry! :)
  6. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    If you can manage aquariums(are they SW)? You should be capable with a chameleon. Read the care sheets, ask questions here that you're unsure about, etc. Panthers are pretty hardy. The problems arise because so many people start out with the wrong set ups/husbandry and it persists for long periods of time breaking down the chameleon. It can be hard to tell when there is a problem so you go through a lot of paranoia. They will often eat, drink, stay active, etc up until the day they die.
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  7. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    They're all freshwater, although a majority of them are planted, and one is a high tech planted, which is about the same difficulty as saltwater with coral.
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  8. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    Nice, I'd like to see your set ups if you ever felt like posting pictures. I never kept planted freshwater, but I've read about their difficulty. I kept nano reefs more recently, FOWLR 55g when I was younger. But anyway, a cham should be no problem to you. Just read up about all of their needs.
  9. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    This is my high tech:
    I have a bit of a snail problem, but there's no reasonable way to get rid of them. More shrimp and fw gobies (an uncommon/rareish fish) are soon to come.
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  10. Graves923

    Graves923 Avid Member

    FYI with the chameleon kits... They are good for baby and juvenile chameleon but will need to be upgraded to the larger cage and new UVB light fixture. Those kits also only come with one thin vine and two bunches of fake leaves which is not nearly enough cover or climbing surfaces for a cham so be prepared to buy more vines and plants (Live works best).

    I would look into a mist system such as mist king or climist over the fogger. Foggers are usually used when the keeper has trouble maintaining humidity in there home. With a good mist system and schedule you shouldnt have trouble with humidity.

    I recommend checking out the resource page on this site. There are many great articles to read that cover pretty much every aspect of keeping a chameleon. Lots of info to take advantage of!
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  11. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    I heard about FW gobies eating the zebra mussels invading the great lakes. That the kind you're getting?
  12. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    Not sure if that is the same species. The one I currently have is a sicyopus zosterophorus, and the species I plan to get are stiphodon annieae.
  13. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    Just looked them up and the one I own and the species I plan to get are completely different from what you're thinking of

    This is the updated supply list:


    Heat Lamp:

    Heat Lamp Bulb:

    UVB Lamp:

    UVB Lamp Bulb:


    Misc. Items:
    Thermometer + Humidity Gauge:

    Cage Carpet:

    (2) Calcium + D3:

    (3) Large Manderin Leaves:

    Large Jungle Vine:

    I will likely also buy pothos and collect sticks locally. Is there anything I'm missing? I know I need materials to keep live food, but I'm not exactly sure what I need, nor am I sure which live food to choose.
  14. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    I suggest Lightyourreptiles for lighting if you can spend some extra, if not go with a reptisun 5.0(10.0 if densely planted). Screw the monsoon they are terrible according to most people, get the mistking or save up for one imo. Climist also works well from what I've heard. Use a regular incandescent bulb (about 60 watt) for heat. You only want mid 80s. Don't get the carpet, they harbor tons of nasty stuff, especially with 10-20 minute daily mistings. Go bioactive or barebottom. I don't like plastic plants, but for panther it shouldn't be a problem as they don't usually eat leaves. You'll want calcium w.o d3 for daily mistings and a multivitamin for 2x a month.

    Pothos are great, roaches and crickets make great staples, then every other insect you can find for variety. I use about 6-10 diff bugs on a regular basis.
  15. Kristen Wilkins

    Kristen Wilkins Chameleon Enthusiast

    Welcome @Angelphish . You have come to the right place for info and Amazing keepers . Husbandry is 100% key with these little magical gems . If you are considering a panther definitely chat with @Matt Vanilla Gorilla . Matt is wonderful his babies are beautiful healthy and happy . He will always support you and your babies needs , answer all questions before and after . I have the climist it's awesome but the timer sucks to set up !!. If you are going substrate go bioactive 100% . Or nothing @jamest0o0 can get you in the right Direction very helpful. Dragon strand is awesome super sturdy you will pay more but it's worth every penny . Lightyourreptiles lighting Todd is whom you want to chart with on lighting . Also research good bug gut loads . . The sites care sheet if you have not looked at it . Best of luck .
  16. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    I'm glad I finally found a Chameleon forum. When I was on the other reptile forums they all told me what to research, and after how long it took to research for my aquariums, I didn't feel like doing any more (I'm still researching different fish and whatnot to this day just to expand my knowledge). Here you just spoon feed me the information, which is exactly what I look for in a good forum. That means everyone has done their own research and feels confident in what they're telling others.
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  17. listen2justin

    listen2justin Member

    awesome FW setup! i've had fish tanks, both SW and FW, my whole life and got my first panther in January. You should be able to adjust to a cham.

    just like a couple people have suggested, i would just drop the $120 or so on a Mistking system...i was looking at both of those ones you are looking at before but just from all the reviews i read they don't last very long. not sure where you're located, but if you're in socal, the reptile supershow in pomona is this weekend. i got my Mistking there and saved money on tax and shipping from their booth.

    as for the actual cham links you posted. i'm not sure if you've read it yet, but the LLLreptile baby panthers are not guaranteed to be sexed so you can get a male or female. the males are the ones that show all colorful patterns, so idk if that affects your choice. also the fl chams are 3-4 months, which in my experience was a great age. i got mine at about 12 weeks. the younger they are, the harder to care for. best of luck to you tho!
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  18. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    Should I get powdered or liquid supplements? I assume the liquid would be less work since I would just add them to the mister.
  19. Kristen Wilkins

    Kristen Wilkins Chameleon Enthusiast

    There is not liquid . There powder unless they come from a vet .
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  20. Angelphish

    Angelphish New Member

    The price drove me away from flchams' panther Chan's. $350 for the cheapest male. I would prefer a male for the color. I'm not buying a panther just to say I have one, I want the color too. Since the sex of the Panthers I found isn't guaranteed, I'll stick to flchams.

    I'll get a juvenile veiled from the driskil(?) bloodline unless I have a few extra dollars to spend on a panther.

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