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Hello all I'm the new owner of a female veiled chameleon, named Coco. Currently I have a monsoon mister set up to mist every 2 hours for 12 seconds during the day and never at night. I feed her 6-10 crickets everyday. I know the all glass cage isn't recommended but I'm letting her grow out (currently 6-8 months old) in this one before getting a bigger home.

One question though, I've read that females need a sand bed to lay eggs in or they die. Is this true?

Let me know what you think of my set up. All suggestions are welcome as I'm new to this.
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No sand bed. You can create a laying bucket with organic soil. And place it in her cage when she is ready to lay eggs. With my experiences that's right around 8 months or so. Give or take.
I would mist for much longer than 12 seconds. My veileds get a 30 minute misting in the morning and a shorter misting or two in the afternoon.

Also, I use moist sand in my laying bins for all my females.
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