New second chameleon


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Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce my new chameleon (yet to be named, working on it :D ) A male Verrucosus chameleon. While he looks pretty healthy and has a nice tummy on him, he is a wild caught unfortunately, and I wanted to hear any advice for acclimated wild caught animals into captivity. I would assume he has been with the company for awhile because i've seen them have them in stock for a few months now. One thing i've noticed already is he is very shy, which i heard is common for this species. And he also isn't very happy with the dreaded iPhone :roll eyes: Please enjoy some pics of him and let me know any advice :) Right now he is currently in the small size reptibreeze, however its temporary as I am going to build him a nice enclosure next month that is much bigger and the screens a little larger for when he gets bigger for his hands.




I agree with the crazy bunny, get him checked for parasites, you might also want to consider an exam as well just to make sure everything is good. :)
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