1. ReptileRampage

    New second chameleon

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce my new chameleon (yet to be named, working on it :D ) A male Verrucosus chameleon. While he looks pretty healthy and has a nice tummy on him, he is a wild caught unfortunately, and I wanted to hear any advice for acclimated wild caught animals into...
  2. M

    Chameleon-Tour in Madagascar

    Hi All, we go again on a Chameleon-Tour on the wonderful Island of Madagascar. The Tour starts around 24 March 2012 and we stay 3 Weeks in Madagascar. the following Nationalparks and Destinations ar our Taget on this Expedition Andasibe NP Ankarafantsika NP Ankaramy Ambanja Ankify...
  3. redtom123

    panther vs. snake

    I just came back from my last journey to Madagascar. It was great as anytime and I made a lot of new pictures and videos. Today I will publish a nice meeting between a snake and an chameleon. take a look at...
  4. Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

    Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

    This is a Wild speciemen photographed in Madagascar.
  5. Calumma Nasutum, Analamazoatra National Park, Madagascar

    Calumma Nasutum, Analamazoatra National Park, Madagascar

    An amazing couloured individual of Calumma nasutum in an even more amazing national park in Madagascar
  6. Paradlis on Jungle Vine2

    Paradlis on Jungle Vine2

    Panther chameleon on textural climbing vine from Photo taken in Bali, Indonesia at the Bali Reptile Park.
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