1. ReptileRampage

    New second chameleon

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce my new chameleon (yet to be named, working on it :D ) A male Verrucosus chameleon. While he looks pretty healthy and has a nice tummy on him, he is a wild caught unfortunately, and I wanted to hear any advice for acclimated wild caught animals into...
  2. Mr. Hoehnel

    Mr. Hoehnel

    This is my Hoehnelii chameleon. Trioceros Hoehnelii. He is a little under a year. Very tame and loves to be handled. Very beautiful coloration.
  3. Giant Spiny Chameleon

    Giant Spiny Chameleon

    Showing off in the morning
  4. Newest member to the family.

    Newest member to the family.

    Still not sure if this is a female or a male. I think it's still too young to tell? Anyone know any better?
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