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His tongue shooting isnt that great for some reason. He seems to wanna get closer and closer, as close as possible and if he can shoot his toungue from an inch away he will , ive hand fed him and just befor he shoots i slowly pull the cricket alittle further away and he can shoot his toungue if he wants but he seems he rather get as close as possible, he eats a good amount . gonna give it a couple weeks and see if it gets better, Breader is being very coaperative as well. I just decided ide give it more time.


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Maybe he's just a little lazy, sometimes if they cup/hand feed long enough they start getting lazy because they don't have to work for their food. Do you put a couple loose crickets in the cage? Having him work for some of his food might bring him around, probably.


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yes i do

but he always runs over to the or stands up on his hind legs to pluck them of the screen, wherever the crickets are he finds a way to get within an inch of them, however ...Ive seen him many times shoot his toungue from an inch away but the force of his toungue pushes the cricket (or superworm) away 4 inches then back into his mouth. I guess what im trying to say is that even though the food is infront of his nose, the toungue shoots out 3 inches or so because of its velocity, it doesnt shoot out an inch and then back in.


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quality from them is the best.

this is what I would do to help with the tounge issue...
give him a dusted cricket with D3 twice a month for two months. then no D3 for a month.
also only hand feed. force him to shoot from at lest 5" away for a month.
that should help.

aslo, make sure he has a brand new UVB bulb and make sure he can bask near it. then watch him ad see if he stays away from the bulb...if so, stop with the D3 for a month.

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