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I brought Roger home last week and since then, I've been actively searching for more material to read about his breed. I thought I could get some good information from many of you in this forum. I haven't seen a lot of information on Jackson's. Roger is pretty calm, and seems to like to crawl and sleep on my hands. He likes his chin rubbed. He is still a baby; about 3-4 months old. Anyone have any tips for me? I want him to live a long, happy life so the more help, the better. :)
Jacksons are different than Panthers

Keep in mind that the Jackson's gets a lot less vitamins than a Panther -
Hello and welcome to chameleon ownership! The care sheet you provided should answer all if not most of your questions. Be aware that chameleons never sleep or close their eyes during the daytime hours. If you chameleon is doing so, there is a problem or illness going on.
Welcome 2 the forum.
Three things u need to keep in mind with jax:

Lots of water
Lots of space to run around
Lower temps
More water ;)
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