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I made Marshall a place to hangout on and freerange for when I am home. I have been needing to make something that he can hangout on for when I clean his cage. I bought the 6 foot fake ficus for only 18 bucks so you can't really beat it. The branches are not very strong so I added quite a few dowel rods that will support his weight. I plan to add even more when he starts to use it more. He is not the friendliest cham so getting him to and from is difficult. I am going to start to leave his cage open and let him climb to it on his own and hopefully he starts to use it more. I ziptied the dowels to one another for extra support and it is very sturdy now. He has only been on it once when I cleaned his cage for about 2 hours, but he seemed to enjoy it. here are a few pics





tried to let Marshall climb to the freerange himself and he showed no interest for a few hours until I looked over and saw him try to make his own freerange! I will try again another day I guess




nice! I have a somewhat similar set up except I just have a rope that runs from inside the cage to the plant, I can close the cage with the rope still attached makes it nice and easy!
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