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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by primestick, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. primestick

    primestick New Member

    well, my little cham i got a while back has grown from the little guy that was shorter than an inch or so long, to a good sized little guy. Here is some pics of his new 25x24x48 cage that is in the building process.

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  2. svinyard

    svinyard New Member

    Nice, what did you use to frame it up?
  3. primestick

    primestick New Member

    I used the aluminum frame that you would use for making a window sreen and some metal screws. Its quite sturdy and is the same way they make a repti breeze. I also used a heavy duity pet resistiant screen its the "OH no dont use that" fiberglass type screen but if you have ever tried to run an aluminum screen in these frams you would use the same.i think it will be safe from cricket assualt as long as i dont over feed. Ill probably hang random cups in there also for meal worms. Ill post more pics as the cage gets closer to being done. with new plants and other fun things to climb on.
  4. dclough77

    dclough77 New Member

    very nice and now attact it to a vanity combo for great drainage =) can get them cheap and they look nice.
  5. primestick

    primestick New Member

    that was one thing i was unsure of how i am going to do. Should i find something that is slanted to the center or just buy a flat one and put lots of holes in it for dranage.
  6. dclough77

    dclough77 New Member

    well a vanity usually has a sink so there's your drain with a 5g bucket inside cabinet, thats if you wanna spend 50+bucks. i like it bc like i said looks good and easy, Also showerpans drain nice. not sure what everyone else does.

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