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I just came back from the All Cleveland Reptile Show with 1.1 Juvenile Ambilobe panthers. The female is about 4-5" svl and the male about 5-6" svl. These are not my first chameleons I owned 1.2 Veileds before and even bred them.

They are in there new (screen) homes, but I caught the male sleeping a bit this first day which concerns me. He's CB, looks very healthy (ie. no dehydration and VERY colorful) and has drank a couple times already today. He's been basking by the bulb (90's in basking area and 70ish in other areas of his cage. There are 2 flourescent UVB lights above his cage. He hasn't eaten yet, but niether has the female (who hasn't napped today).

I am just curious if this could be due to all the stress; being moved twice today, new home, the show, etc. Anything other than keeping the crickets in the feeding container I have and making sure he is WELL hydrated? I didn't pick up any calcium dusting stuff, but I just might do that.

Camera is in the shop, but I will see if I can get some pics tomorrow, but any thoughts before that?

Edit: And after I posted this I found my girl asleep... I am thinking stress because they both look very healthy right now. Also the female pooped on the way home so I know she's been eating.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Congratulations on your new additions! What you mentioned about your husbandry all sounds good.

Even when a chameleon has had a very stressful day, it is really unusual to see a healthy cham sleeping during the daytime, and it usually indicates a problem. You need to keep a very close eye on the pair as they acclimate. If they continue to sleep during the day, you may need to take them to the vet and have them checked out.

Thanks for the reply and welcome. I am thinking slight dehydration because I misted them quite a bit (went through a ton of water) and they would still drink. So I will be keeping a better eye on them today with frequent misting maybe even a shower.
I had the same issue where my ambilobe was taking occassional cat naps. The step I took to resolve the issue was a dramatic increase in humidity. Evrything else was spot on - so I figured this had to be the culprit. I got lucky as my guy has been attentive ever since I added live plants and a mister.

I hope your cham doesn't have any serious issues and you are able to diagnose/resolve what is wrong with your husbandry.
That's what these are cat naps, not fully asleep and wakes up on his own. I have been spraying the heck out of the cage today so humidity is going way up and they have been drinking more. Seems to have helped already compared to yesterday.
Just an update. After a few days of heaving misting there is no more cat napping. I assume it was either low-humidity or slight dehydration. Thanks for all the help.
How was the Cleveland show? I wanted to go but could not get around work. Where are you from?
I would also wonder if there is a time difference from where the cham was raised from where you are keeping him (assuming you and the breeder live in different states). For the purpose of this poost and your issue, I am not going to assume the breeder lives in the same state as you. If the cham is used to sleeping and the lights being out at a 8:00pm Michigan time,for example, and you buy him and bring him to California, where it is now 5pm. The cham is normally asleep at this time in Michigan. So he might sleep until he gradually gets used to your time zone/schedule.

It has been said by more than a few breeders I have talked to that Chameleons has a weird ability to adjust to the local areas sunrise and sunset schedule regardless of when the lights in the cage are on or off. If there is a window near by, try makeing sure the outside sun light is viewablee by the lizard as well. This may help them adjust better/faster to the time difference.

If the above is not the case,then I would definately do as the others have suggested.
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