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I need (want) a chameleon that is friendly and will like to be handled. It can't be more than 18" (nose to tip of tail) but I would like it to be very colorful. I like panthers a lot, but they're just so big... Something that's not to hard to find and isn't a picky eater. I also need the smallest possible cage requirements for it. I'm new to chameleons, but am willing to learn and have already done a lot of research. I like those 3" ones, but they don't change colors very much... any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

hey, I don't have a cham, but after browsing and posting on these forums for a bit and researching for like ever, I think that you have actually listed everything that a chameleon isn't.

i.e. Chameleons, as a rule, aren't friendly and don't like being handled, but on the other hand some are more friendly than others, (panthers / veilds) (i think)

Also from my own reaserch into chameleons, the more redily available and "friendliest" chameleons appear to be larger in size.

Also as far as I know, all chameleons are fairly fussy eaters, but again some more than others.

as For caging size that again depends on the size of your chameleon.

the only thing I could reccomend from reseaech is a Carpet Chameleon.

These guys are nice and small, therefore smaller cage size They are completely beautiful, in my opinion they have colouring to rival a panthers, they don't live very long, 3 years but as for handling, lllreptile says they can be quite tame but there is very little information about them out there. The only thing I know is that many6 orf the specimins are wild caught, steer clear of this, always get captive bred.

I hope this helps, here is a rough care guide

here is another more indepth care guide and species info.

There are also some pretty nice pics at the bottom.

Cheers, Noah
I meant that I didn't want the breed of cham to be known for picky eating... lol so anyways, I think that carpetcham might be a nice idea, although, yes, i do love panthers. Why do they have to be so big?! lol they are very gorgeous and colorful, and Im trying to find one small enough, though haven't had much luck. Thanks for the help, if you find anything else, let me know!!

Also, since chams usually keep their tails rolled up (and since theyre measured from nose to tip of tail) as long as it doesnt go passed 18", i think im fine. Thanks again!!
As, far as I know, there is only one like "species" of panther Chameleon, just different colour morphs.

I love panthers to and recon I'm goig to start with one cos they're one of the easiest.

Just curious.. why the 18" cut off? Is it a matter of space?

As far as friendly goes.. good luck. They are the exception, not the rule. If you decide to purchase a carpet, make sure you do your homework. They aren't as easy to keep as a panther or a veiled. They are beautiful, though! Of course, I think they all are.. and who says that pygmies aren't colorful?

The background light makes it hard to tell, but this guy was bright yellow when he met his new cage mate.


And, panthers are usually not fired up and brightly colored. If they were, they would be a bit stressed out! Here is Spencer in calm mode.


Chamomile T said:
Heika, Your pygmy is soooo adorable (is that possible??... I think so! ;) ) How big is he?

Thanks! He is a cutey! Mean little bully of a chameleon, but darned cute while he is doing it! Total length.. a little over 2 inches.

Besides, even if you DID infact have a friendly chameleon, handeling in most cases would have to be kept to a minimal, as chameleons stress out very easily. Plus, you may recieve a friendly one, in a few months it could 'turn on you' ! LOL- That's happened to me, they may not always stay friendly forever. Good luck with your search. :D
In captivity, panther chameleons usually don't get larger than 18" including the tail. However, they do need a larger cage as adults. There is only one species of panther chameleons (Fucifer pardalis); the differences between panther chameleons are the "locales" in which they were located that displays different colorations. You won't find a panther chameleon that is a "small" one and will stay small. They all grow to adulthood :).

As far as being picky eaters... I don't find them picky eaters at all, but they do like a change between being fed just crickets. It's kind of like us eating pizza every night of the week :D . I give them a variety to reduce boredom of eating the same things everyday.
Heika said:
And, panthers are usually not fired up and brightly colored. If they were, they would be a bit stressed out! Here is Spencer in calm mode.

I totally agree with you Heika with a few exceptions. Ambilobes, Sambava, Diego Suarez, and light colored pink Ankaramy have "rest" colors that do not show their bright colors unless fired up. However, Nosy Be, Ambanja, and darker pink Ankaramy usually always display their colors. For example, Nosy Be panther chameleons are always blue no matter what mood they may be in :).
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