My veiled's head is gray. Don't know why.

Why is Rufus' head turning so grey?


Your Chameleon - got Rufus (male veiled from LLLReptile) in late June 2012.
So he's almost 10 months old.
Handling - Around once a week, he is aggressive, and he runs away from me
Feeding - about 6 large crickets every other day, and 15 mealworms every other day. I just started that a week ago. Before it was 6 small crickets every day and 20 mealworms once a week. He does not like to eat around people, most of the time he only eats if there is no one in the room, or I am hiding in my room where he can't see me.
Supplements - Repcal calcium no d3 daily. Repcal calcium with d3 every other week. Repcal multivitamin every other week
Watering - my mom sprays him twice a day while I'm in school, she goes around and sprays each side of the cage for 10 seconds, and repeats it twice.
Fecal Description - good brown poops, with white, sometimes yellow mini poops
History -

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Describe your cage (Glass, Screen, Combo?) What are the dimensions?
Lighting - 40 watt soft white bulb, 15 watt UVB zoo med reprising bulb
Temperature - not sure, look above. I have a temp gun, it's just that I don't feel like going to the car to get it right now. I'll get it in 15 minutes, then ill post something.
Humidity - 40 most of the time
Plants - Live ficus tree, fake plants, fake vines, disinfected branches from outside
Placement - middle of my bedroom
Location - md, USA


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He looks healthy.. I've noticed pinkish grey coloring on my veileds head when he is nervous.

I dunno. Maybe it's taking him a while to shed.


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He is becoming a Hollow and he is getting his Arrancar powers... Haha seriously though, I have not seen that before. It looks freaking awesome bro. Did you get the Bleach reference?


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I remember thinking my male was too close to his basking source and was slowly getting burned when these colors first appeared. He looks a tiny bit small for his age, but very healthy :). You might want to feed a few more crickets each day for a while until he is at least a year old. I still feed my boy almost every day right now, and he will be 11 months in a couple of days.

IMG_1437.jpg Here is Zaphod showing his color. :)
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