1. AdventuringChameleon

    Head Twitching

    Hi all! Mowgli has been pretty healthy lately. Eating about 5 or so crickets/superworms a day. He drinks a ton from our spray bottle every day and poops regularly. He looks plenty healthy and recently went through a shed just fine. The only thing is he's been doing this head twitch thing. I...
  2. dominicthechameleon

    My veiled's head is gray. Don't know why.

    Why is Rufus' head turning so grey? Your Chameleon - got Rufus (male veiled from LLLReptile) in late June 2012. So he's almost 10 months old. Handling - Around once a week, he is aggressive, and he runs away from me Feeding - about 6 large crickets every other day, and 15 mealworms...
  3. I Got My Eye On You

    I Got My Eye On You

    my little velied is facing away but still has his eye on me.
  4. Red In The Face

    Red In The Face

    Adult male panther in the pre dawn hours.
  5. New Breeder - Head Shot

    New Breeder - Head Shot

    Head shot of new breeder male looking dapper!
  6. Old Head

    Old Head

    blue Bar Breeder
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