My Reptile Family !

Hey everyone.
Today seemed like a great day to take pictures of the gang.
Its a bit rainy here so no going outside time but more of a staying in home kind of deal.

I snapped some pictures of my guys AND i included one of me and my friend Rango :D:p

As of now i have 1.1 Veiled Chameleons, 0.1 Leopard Gecko, 1.0 Bearded Pygmy
and a rescued anole ( pictures in my other thread)

I am most likely going to be getting a West African Side necked turtle from James L since he needs to get rid of it. I cant wait to get it. I have always wanted a turtle! :D


Thanks Jann ! She sure is ! :)
And of course i still have him. He isnt a reptile though :)

The geckos tail is like that because she got it stuck a couple months ago and dropped her tail. This is her regrown tail. :)


Great pics.I love those normal spotted leopard geckos.I dont care how many morphs are out there you cant do better then nature..Ive been thinking about getting one myself..Great pic with Rango there too:)
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