My chameleon has completely changed my view of reptiles entirely


Hey all,
Some of you may know my little guy, Felix, from recent posts I've made about him. Days continue to go by, and this tiny little creature never ceases to amaze me.

I love all reptiles, and actually have a bearded dragon as well. In general, I never really thought they could express emotions the way we see dogs or cats do... So, never in a million years would I have imagined having a reptile that is as inquisitive, intelligent, and capable of some sort of emotion as my little Felix has expressed. Seriously, I'm beginning to think Chameleons just may have earned my new top reptile spot because Felix has completely changed my view of what these animals are capable of.

Compared to my bearded dragon, who lays around all day and is pretty content just.... being there....Felix actually seeks out people almost as some sort of companionship. As he grows older, his clingyness to people strengthens. He's at the point where he almost comes when called, like some sort of dog, the second I lay my hand open. His morning routines continue being the same of, "run to the front of the cage, pace frantically until mom sees me and lets me out, then climb right up onto her face" LOL. He does this everytime he sees me, literally. He's also started enjoying drinking water from my hands, or straight from the mister that ofc I must hold for him the entire time (his plants got infested with knats, so he has no real plants atm and won't drink from the fake plants lol). Basically, he finds ways to make me his personal servant each day and I keep giving into him because he's so stinkin' adorable. He even will ditch his tree time to just come hang with me while I do household chores and what not, sitting on my shoulder with his tail wrapped around my neck. He even likes to try and help with the dishes from time to time hahaha. Maybe he's smart enough to actually train him to do some of these things! O:

Seriously though, I just had to give some credit to these beautiful and intelligent creatures. I truly thought I was getting a reptile that I would only be able to observe and respect from a distance.... but what I got was almost like a 2nd dog LOL. I'm really looking forward to getting more chams in the future to see what sort of personalities they will have compared to Felix. I really just can't say enough good things about Panther Chams, not only admiring them for their beauty but also for their intelligence alone. The pet I was expecting to get, has been a complete unexpected experience entirely and has made me so excited for my next cham when the time is right!

I really need to film more video of Felix doing these things, because it even shocks me at how friendly and dog-like he's become. I'm wondering if he's even a Chameleon at all....

Anyone else truly amazing and in awe from these little guys?


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ive always had reptiles like bearded dragons, large collection of snakes , reef tanks , fresh water aquariums up until about 5 years ago i got my first chameleon and I was hooked!!!!! I slowly started down sizing my snake and bearded dragon collection to make room for more chams . today I no longer have fish tanks nor do I keep snakes or b dragons anymore , so its safe to say im all about chams now !!!! when I get off work I cant wait to hang out with these guys and just observe their behavior , they all have different personalities and food preferences I keep notes on what they like eating how much weight they are gaining , when they shed vet appointments and all :) weekends I spend most of my day cleaning their cages and cleaning out insect bins while listing to the chameleon breeder pod cast ... I even have a small speaker that plays rain forest sound in my chameleon room while i'm cleaning lmao !!! you never stop learning when caring for these amazing creatures so every day feels like a fresh day :) I love these little branch lickers and plan on keeping them in the family as long as I can :)


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Not to take anything away from your cham, or chams in general, but I would put my money on bearded dragons being much more intelligent than chameleons. I've had several Panthers that all did the same thing. They just want to get somewhere, using you like you said lol. Either way, glad you're loving you're guy. We're all here because chams are dope :cool:


You know, it's interesting because before... I was always talking the beardie talk and I still ADORE them, they're such completely different animals and I guess that's why I'm finding this... newly found interest with chams. Both of my beardies have been sweethearts, though my first one was a little more I guess, attached to one person (me). He didn't like being handled by anyone other than me really, which is odd because my current beardie absolutely loves everyone pretty much. Beardies in general are just lovable lumps that want to cuddle on your neck 99% of the time LOL.

I think I find this little guy so fascinating because both of my beardies were very like.... just content with being there. They didn't paw at the cage or jump up towards me to get to me the way my little Cham does! Maybe emotion wasn't the correct wording, but I definitely see he personality differs so drastically from my beardies, something I completely wasn't expecting LOL. I may not have the brightest beardies though, hence maybe why I'm so shocked at how this little guy is like an Einstein to me hahaha. My current beardie is 8 years old, and definitely from the start wasn't the um... brightest of boys, but he literally is just a sweet little lump of joy that's just content with everything. It's been nice having a baby again though, keeps me busy!

I am most content and happy with being his personal tree if it makes him happy! And I'm always content with snuggling my potato beardie as well. I must say, between my current beardie Milo, and Felix... I have changed many people's minds about reptiles in general, even got my brother into absolutely ADORING Felix!! He has never understood the reptile passion many of us have... but Felix came along and he adores this guy lol. Never thought I'd see the day.

Really though, I'm finding myself so hooked on chams and once I finish Felix's new enclosure.... it's gonna be hard not to want another baby! I can see how this becomes addicting hehehe...


Chams will definitely be an animal I'll always have, they've stolen my heart like beardies have, but soon... I'll be getting into the monitor game! Definitely holding out on my dream snake collection, til I can stop renting and scaring off every landlord around lol. Always wanted a blackthroat monitor but, thinking I'll start "smaller".... with a good ol' tegu. Future projects in the making! :)


Here's a little video of him with his happy morning wiggles lol. He loves drinking from his tree, then always try to grab for me if I'm near. I guess I'm a better tree? :p

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