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HeLLo - I'm a 1st time chameleon owner. She is a sunburst veiled . Picked up my precious from Lou's Pet Shop YESTERDAY! && We love her already! I have a 2 1/2 year old this is our new "looking pet" My daughter is obsessed w/ bugs, always picking them up and even letting them crawl on her arms!! :0 ha ha I hope when there both older she can hand feed Sméa, and be the best of friends haha :) At the store they were already cup feeding the chams! ..Her first night home and she was curious exploring her new home and ate 2 crickets! Before work this morning she ate samore! Couldn't be happier with our newest member. Thrilled she is settling in nicely:) I currently have a small Exo-Terra. Until she gets a lil bigger.. I haven't finished her new set up just yet. Buying some live plants today as well as a couple vines and 'bake' some sticks up from the wild. Since this picture I have moved the dome light holding the UVB to the front of the terrarium and have a clamp lamp for heat attatched to the stair case so that it is raised a little above her cage. The pet store I bought her from had the temps at 100 they were ina large reptibreeze so I figured by raising the heating lamp would control temp better? Save her from overheating. Post more pics soon as im finished w/ enclosure. [/ATTACH]


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Very cool! Welcome

The live plants and more vines will help greatly. I would also get a 6500k plant light, like a cfl or T5HO tube light. Also make sure and read up on the whole egg laying process. She will lay eggs periodically, similar to chickens.

You seem to be informed, so none of this is probably news to you, just making sure. I had a rude awakening after buying my first chameleon, which was a female veiled. Didn't know what I was getting into, and don't regret it one bit. LOVE MY GIRLY! :D
Thank you:) My daughters father had a female veiled for 7 years & has been giving me advice. Thank you for the heads up ... when did your female START laying? This little girl is about 2 months? Also going to pick up a house tree for her to free range in ... Any suggestions? Also, I'll wait lil while until she's adjusted but when can// should I start taking her out to 'play'? in the house tree? Is she too young at this age?

Thanks for looo00ooking-
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