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My only other reptiles are a western painted turtle named art (short for Artist) and 7 brown anoles. 1 male named Behemoth(Bob) and 2 females named Betty and Boop. The females laid 10 eggs so far and 4 of them have hatched. I've had the adults since October of this year and the first egg hatched on November 23rd and 1 every week since then. All the babies are doing great and eating pinheads, fruit flies, and apricot baby food mixed with honey. I dust the live food with calcium w/D3 and reptivite. They range from 1 inch to 2 inches in lenght. I have them in 10 gallon tank seperated from the adults with lots of bark and climbing sticks and vines. They're so cute, they chase each other around and bask in the UVB rays. I also have under tank heater for them and they seem to be thriving well. The adults are in thier own 20 gallon tall enclosure with a waterfall and plenty of basking sites, they are doing really well, breeding like crazy. I have a reptifogger for them to keep the humidity around 65-70%. Thier temp remains around 75-80 during the day and 95 degreees in thier basking spot. Bob does push-ups and displays his dewlap daily. I also have 5 fire belly toads 3 males named Chipolte, Habanero, and Picante and 2 females named Jalepeno and Pico. 5 American Green Tree frogs 1 male named Taco, and 4 females named Burrito, Tacita, Limey, and Corona. 3 African dwarf frogs named Dopey, Grumpy, and Sleepy. 2 Fire Belly Newts named Chile and Enchilada, 1 Eastern Newt named Randal, a 3 month old Male Pac Man frog named Jimbo, 2 Asian black spined toads (male and female) named Apu and Manjula, a Comet fish named Cartman, 2 male Gouramis named Azul and Colorado, 2 Plecos named L.G for Large Garcia and L.G for Little Garcia, a Chinese algae eater named Slim, 3 mystery snails named Mount Iverest because he's so much larger than the other 2 (he's an ivory mystery snail) Goldie (gold mystery snail) and Lagoon (black mystery snail) 2 mollies named Token and Midnight and 15 Ghost shrimp. I also have 2 white cats named Joey and Chandler and a Min Pin named Bullet.:cool:
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