my NeW Retar!!


just thought i would put a pic of my new buddy up. just figured out how to do it lol. had to ask someone on the forum. anyways i belive he is about 4 months old male. veiled cham. 18-18-36 so i think it is good for awhile. got the drip and nice airy humid orchid type culture. i have done about 20 hours of researching so i fill pretty good with this lil guy.. o and i have ALWAYS HAD cool pets and have had my aquatic turtle for 7years. o and love botany and tropical plants. have my own lil green house that sits in the middle of my tiny apartments lol everyone loves it. well here he is.. will post better pics later with my new camera.

yeah he was a lil pissed off haha but it was the 2nd day.. but way better now after 2 weeks. will post sum more fasho haha thanks.
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