My little nosey men don't even look like siblings!


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Hey guys,

Just a quick update on my boys. They are now 8 months old and looking like they came from two different hatches!

Here's Bogart (the little sweet boy we got with pretty severe MBD for a 4 month old who has made a sparkling recovery!)


Not a spot of red on him. A true blue!

And here's his sassy brother Benedict who has always been hinting that he wasn't going to be all blue, but man!

This is on the day he began shedding, I haven't gotten a good shot of him post shed!
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They're both beautiful! I have a soft spot for blue chameleons with a little red, but they're both really handsome. Bogart truly is true blue!
Thank you everyone! About the last picture, I posted that on my Instagram with the caption "WRONG NEIGHBORHOOD". They look like a couple of thugs :D
Sara the boys are both looking fantastic! Very handsome! Do they get along ok?

Thanks Jann :) They don't really prefer to be around eachother. They both get skiddish and Benedict puts his competition colors on. I didn't let them too close to eachother the other day because I could tell they would fight haha. Oh sibling rivalry at its finest.
Wow those are some pretty boys. I guess like humans, they can all be different. Your boy who has MBD looks really good.
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