Then and now a color change question and photo dump


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To clarify not the movie style color change a overtime color change, my chameleon has been in my care since 2019 and has completely and utterly transformed his colors he used to be a blue and green blend of colors and over time has become almost solid red.
Aside from time passing I did redo his enclosure and change lighting over the pandemic. Not sure if any of that may have been a factor.

Here is a photo of when he was introduced to the new enclosure, some pastel ish colors but mainly green/blue. This is just before the transition to red I called his pastel phase. It began January 2021

Here is another from when he was a little Younger 6-8 months or so prior to photo above and had just started to show reds on his neck. But this was his normal everyday walking around colors up to this point more deep blues and greens hints of yellows near his belly.

And then after some time and the new enclosure a shed or two and new arcadia and led lights my guy is looking like this

So my bigger question is is this normal did I stress him out or is he / was he under constant stress to cause this?

From 2019 -2020 he was almost entirely blue and green This is Christmas 2019 it's amazing how to me some of my friends don't even think it's the same chameleon they thought I killed him and replaced with a red one.

A better example of the pastels this is March of 2021 I thought it was just pjs at first but he stuck in the color scheme for some time. Lots of yellows coming in

And then he went full red around august of 2021

signal-2021-08-21-125932.jpg and ever since it's been red without much variation. Some blue highlights and some yellows here and there

I guess this is what parents mean when they say that they grow up so quick. It felt like yesterday my boy had blue scales 😭😭😭

✌️🫶😊 Thanks for any insights and thanks for scrolling through my rant and photo dump


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You have got yourself one big handsome boy. And so stylish too. A different suit for each season! He looks very healthy and happy too. I think he found the color panel in his syayem and has been having fun throwing the switches. After all, he is a chameleon!


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you’ve got yourself a handsome king. He’s so pretty💔💔 also he looks so innocent, if that makes sense lol
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