My Little Dexatron

Exploring some new plants in his enclosure today. I’ve only had him a month, but I am so in love. Such a curious little guy and fun to watch. Here’s a few pics of him exploring today. He’s growing so fast!! Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. Without ya’ll I’d have no idea what I’m doing.
Do you think he looks healthy? He’s about 5 months old and eats at least 10 feeders a day;mostly crickets and the occasional wax worm. He hunts all of them, no feeder cups included. I ordered Dubias which I’m willing to try so I can do everything right by him. I’ve seriously dedicated my existence to taking care of him, as many of you have. The only sad part is I can’t take him with me everywhere:( I miss him when I’m at work. I’ve read about some nanny cam ideas, but most don’t seem to agree on them mostly due to outside hacking

Here he is all snug in a rug like a bug in a few of these. I’m glad for now he doesn’t get too fussy when I move things around or add branches and plants...his Pothos has had it and it’s only been 2 weeks, he ate it ALL of it despite him eating other offered greens. Supplements are spot on based on husbandry review and his poop and Urates are healthy. He poops twice a day. He’s a little piggy. This Forum is great and offers so much information, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the more I read the more I get worried that I’m not doing things right. I’m just looking for a little reassurance, I’m sure you’ve all been there.


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