Ollie - T. Hoehnelii


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Hi everyone,

I’d like to introduce the latest addition to the scaly family! Ollie! He is a CBB juvenile. I must say I was taken back just by how little he is, he has been exploring his enclosure all day, he’s been in different spots every time I’ve checked on him. Waiting on him to eat still but I know he’s still settling in 💚



Here’s his enclosure, I bought too thick of acrylic for the door so that will be changed tonight so I can see in it better! He’s got quite a mansion currently. This is a DIY 2x2x4 screen conversion to hybrid :)

Congrats and welcome beautiful little Ollie! 💗 Is he a baby/juvenile or full grown? I love his patterns and colors. Hoping we’ll be seeing much much more of him.
He's a Juvenile, he's going to be around for sure :)

Looks great! Hope you have it for a long time!
I don't plan on anything happening to him, he will be with me as long as he wants to be :) I'm very excited for my first montane species!
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