My Jacksons just ate a huge bee!

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My Jacksons just ate his first bee!

I had him outside on my shoulder, as i cleaned his enclosure. I heard a buzzing sound near my ear, and as i turned to look to see what it was, my Jacksons was shooting his tongue at a bee! I was concerned about it stinging him, as he grabbed it head first and it looked as though it curled up to sting him, but he chewed it REALLY fast...i've never seen him chew so aggressively...i actually thought it had stung him by the way he chewed but he seems to be o.k.

I'll watch for any adverse effects......
I had a female veiled that use to eat them when I had her outside in the evenings watching her on her Hibiscus tree. I tried to stop her but she will still get them. She never had a problem but the female veiled that I have now got stung on the tongue while eating one last summer and it made her tongue swell up and she couldn't use it for about a week. My vet had me give her some Medacam and it was back to normal after a week.
Are moths o.k? I had him outside late last night and had the porch light on, and he climbed up there and snacked on a few moths that were attracted to the light.
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