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I am fairly new to the forum but I have been browsing threads quite a bit. This is actually my first post. I guess I need to introduce myself :) But i could not find a welcome thread. I have been in the saltwater hobby for 16 + years and decided I needed a break. I then jumped head first into reptiles....where have they been all my life :). I am hoping to add a chameleon or two to my collection. I may be open to trade one or two Of these guys for the right pair. Anyway I wanted to share a couple of shots of my critters. What would life be like without critters. Love all my guys!

Here are the guys....they are all leatherbacks and one is het for hypo 100% trans, 100% hypo and the other is het for hypo

For some reason I cannot capture flash's true color. He is the yellow one on the left and he is highlighter yellow with orange down his back. Here is another pic of him but still not great

And the gals....they consist of double het, then the other two are hypo and het for hypo

Then here are my babies


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Awesome Crew you have there! Beardies are great! The Pup's are cute!!! Do you have any Chams yet?


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Thanks! No I don't have a chameleon yet but I do have an empty 24x24x48 repti breeze that is just begging for a tenant :). I have been looking at a couple and just need to make my decision.


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What beautiful animals you have there - I have no doubt that any future chameleon tenant will live happily ever after in your zoo!
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